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Are you tired of looking at your old popcorn ceiling, textured walls or just want a sleek new look for your space? We can deliver whatever it may be that you desire.

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When it comes to a quality finished product, expert drywall application and drywall finishing are paramount. Our projects range from standard drywall application to wall framing, texture removal and much more.

Smooth, flat surfaces are highly sought after in the renovation world and can look wonderfully bright and modern, but they also easily expose any imperfections if they aren’t done correctly. Odd shadows, such as those that can appear when the surface is not properly mudded, taped, or sanded evenly will quickly destroy any impression of smooth crispness and will unfortunately just look shabby and second-rate. Our attention to preparation and detail ensures you get the immaculate look you want in a flat wall or ceiling. We offer all 5 standard levels of drywall finishing quality.

Finest Finish takes the time and care to hone in on the intricate details that ensure your drywall finish or repair is durable, flawless, and contributes to the overall impression of the quality of the space. If you are renovating your home or condo in beautiful Victoria, B.C. and are looking for professional service and exceptional results, give us a call!


Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings were all the rage in the 1960’s. They were conveniently sprayed on, covered imperfections and offered some sound and fire suppression. Today, they can look dated and make a space feel dark. If your popcorn ceiling was installed before the 1980’s, it most likely contains asbestos. We always test for asbestos and take appropriate measures. There are several methods of popcorn ceiling removal, either scraping it off, boarding over or skimming over. Depending on the state of the ceiling and your budget, we will suggest the best solution for you. The process can be messy, but we take special care to prep the area. The light-reflecting effect of a smooth ceiling can spectacularly brighten up any room in your home.


What Makes Finest Finish Exceptional?

We never overlap our paper tape. The paper tape edges are consistently spaced at 1/16″ apart.

We cut away bubbles that may form in the paper tape.
We always sand in between every coat. This is important. It’s more work and a longer process but absolutely guarantees a flawless finished result, free of marbling and uneven surface appearance.

We use 1/2” sag-resistant Sheetrock for ceilings. For specialty applications, 5/8” Sheetrock is used. We also always use Buttboard for the ceilings to keep the joints tight. This offers our clients superior sound dampening, fire proofing, density and weight support, resulting in a more consistent finish that also prevents sagging of the ceiling in the future

We always spot-fill our screws with two coats. In areas with significant light, three coats are applied. The first is set with glue compound and subsequent coats are applied using Lite Finish. This guarantees no screw flashing or sinking. For areas with medium to high light, a level five finish is done. Although it is additional labour and cost, the finish is unparalleled. As time goes on, drywall material quality declines due to having a higher percentage of recycled materials. For instance, the paper is continuously being manufactured thinner and thus requiring more coats for a truly uniform finish.