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Using steel stud framing for residential construction and remodeling has been gaining popularity in the past few years due to its durability, and fire resistance. Because of the growing popularity of metal studs, it is becoming easier to source metal studs than it used to be. However, working with metal studs can be tricky, and is not a task for your average handyman.

Finish Finish has years of experience installing metal stud framing in Victoria B.C. and knows how and where to use it to reap the most benefit. You can trust our expertise at installing metal stud framing and the drywall cover to create a safe structure and beautiful walls.

Finest Finest has years of experience with drywall taping and mudding in Victoria B.C. Our attention to detail and our commitment to doing the job right is exactly what is needed for a flawless finish that will stand the test of time and will keep your family safe. 

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I hired the team at Finest Finish to undertake re-skimming the entirety of my 1960’s condo, walls & ceilings. Dylan, was very professional, and explained the entire process to me clearly, and in great detail. The drywaller’s who showed up to do the were phenomenal, very hard working, punctual, and respectful. I appreciated they brought their dustless sanding machine to protect my home during the process. I am very grateful to have come across this company, who truly delivers on what they say! 10/10 will recommend to all my friends and family!

Metal vs Wood Studs

Both metal and wood studs have their advantages and disadvantages, making metal studs better in some situations and wood in others. In residential construction, using metal and wood in combination works well. For example, using wood for load bearing walls or door frames or to attach electrical boxes between studs and metal for the rest.

Pros: Metal stud framing

Metal stud framing is more durable than wood

Metal studs are made of a light-gauge galvanized steel which will resist corrosion. Steel does not absorb moisture and will retain its shape over time. Wood, on the other hand, is prone to dry rot, warping, cracking, swelling and insect damage.

Metal stud framing is fire resistant and secure

Metal isn’t flammable, but wood is. However, metal does conduct heat, and could ignite adjacent materials. It can also buckle or become damaged with extreme heat. Still, it is better than wood in a fire. Metal studs are better able to withstand other calamities as well. To resist high winds, floods, earthquakes or explosions, metal studs are the better choice.

Metal stud framing is environmentally-friendly

Metal studs are completely recyclable. Steel can be melted down and reformed without losing any of its beneficial properties. The ability to recycle wood, on the other hand, is more limited. In the construction phase, metal studs are virtually waste-free since they are manufactured with a uniform size and quality, whereas there is quite a bit of variability and waste with wood. As well, trees take a long time to grow and our current rate of use is outstripping the rate at which trees grow.

Metal stud framing is good for problem areas or creative architecture

Since galvanized metal framing resists water and fire damage, it is great for bathrooms, basements and other moisture-prone areas. However, metal studs are less strong than wood, and are not good for load-bearing walls.

With recent advancements in technology, metal studs can come in different shapes and sizes, opening the possibilities for unique projects.

Metal stud framing is cost effective

Even with the rising cost of lumber, wood studs are still cheaper than metal studs. However, when all the costs are included, not just the cost of an individual stud, steel is a comparable option.

  • Less metal studs are needed compared with wood
  • Lower shipping and handling costs for steel
  • Insurance is less for steel
  • Lower maintenance costs for steel

Metal stud framing cons

Metal studs are less energy efficient than wood

Steel conducts cold and heat, whereas wood is insulating. With steel framing, more insulation should be used in exterior walls. As well, metal framing tends to produce condensation and vapor barriers will need to be used to prevent damaging the drywall.

Metal studs can impair acoustics

As the sound waves reflect off the hard surfaces, they can create loud, echoing noises.

Metal Stud Framing Victoria BC

Metal Stud Framing is a Job for Experts

Working with metal studs is more difficult than working with wood. Cutting steel requires a miter saw and leaves sharp edges. Installing drywall on top of metal studs is tricky, taking much practice to master. We’ve had years of experience, ensuring your metal stud framing is done efficiently and correctly. Whether you need a whole house framed or just a wall, we will always do what it takes to make sure you get the safest, cleanest, most beautiful results.

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