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Drywall sanding is a critical step in drywall installation or repair. If the drywall sanding isn’t done properly, any imperfections will show up when your walls are painted with a flat or gloss paint. Unfortunately, many drywall contractors skimp on or worse — skip — this step because it is messy and time consuming. It also takes a good amount of expertise, developed only with time and practice, to achieve a perfectly flawless smooth surface.

Finest Finest has years of experience with drywall sanding in Victoria B.C. Our attention to detail is exactly what is needed for a flawless finish. Our insistence on cleanliness ensures that your space is left as clean and dust-free once the job is done as it was before the drywall sanding started.

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Dylan and the guys at finest finish are a delight to work with. The whole process from start to finish was smooth and efficient. We really appreciated the amount of detail in the preparation to ensure our furniture and belongings were fully protected. They also offered a dustless sanding option for us that minimized the drywall dust throughout our kitchen renovation saving us so much clean up time! All in all great experience, highly recommend hiring!

Why is Drywall Sanding Needed?

Drywall sanding is important after hanging drywall to prepare for finishing in a new install and also when repairing drywall.

  • Preparing for painting. Once drywall is hung, we smooth the joints with joint compound and fill any nail and screw indentations, or nicks and scratches that are sure to happen as a result of the installation. No matter how carefully the joint compound is applied, when it dries it creates a rough gritty surface. It also shrinks as it dries, leaving hard edges and uneven spots. The joint compound must be carefully sanded so the surface is perfectly smooth and ready for painting. 
  • Patching holes. Drywall is tough, but holes do happen with day to day living: picture hook holes, accidents, house settling cracks and water or moisture damage can all leave their mark. With expert filling and sanding, nobody will know there was ever a problem.
Drywall Sanding
drywall sanding

Drywall Sanding Techniques

There are 2 basic drywall sanding techniques: dry drywall sanding and wet drywall sanding, each with their benefits and drawbacks.

Dry drywall sanding. Dry sanding is used to smooth the rough surface caused by the joint compound. This method produces the smoothest surface in the hands of an experienced drywaller, but it also creates the most dust. We use the appropriate equipment to achieve the best results while keeping dust to a minimum. We always sand between applications of joint compound for a flawless surface, free of marbling and roughness.

Finest Finest takes the utmost precautions to minimize dust. Our drywall specialists wear safety protection, seal the room, and open the windows for good ventilation. Where appropriate, we use an automatic or hand sand block equipped with a vacuum to minimize dust. At the end, we vacuum up any remaining dust.

Wet drywall sanding. Wet drywall sanding reduces dust, but the result won’t be as smooth as what the dry drywall sanding method produces. Wet sponges are used to smooth the joint compound, also called drywall mud. Wet drywall sanding is fine if you will be applying a texture to the drywall or covering it with wainscotting, tiles or wall paper, but it isn’t suitable for smooth painted walls.

What Makes Finest Finish Drywall Sanding Superior?

Our attention to detail and using the right techniques at the right time, ensures the smoothest, cleanest drywall sanding possible. This is important because it leads to an immaculate finish for your walls and ceilings. Just a few of the details that make the difference are:

  • Sanding after priming to remove paper fuzz and lumps.
  • Using a fine grit sandpaper with a light touch to avoid grooves
  • Touch up using a sanding sponge to get crisp corners.
  • Using a bright light to highlight any imperfections that need to be fixed.
  • Using dust reducing precautions and vacuum sanders. 
  • Thorough cleanup once the job is finished.

Finest Finish: The Smoothest Drywall Sanding in Victoria B.C.

Smooth drywall sanding is critical for a blemishless final product. Our drywall sanding gives your drywall installation the best possible preparation for painting — and we accomplish this with a minimum of dust and mess.

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