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Nothing can interfere with the tranquility of your home more drastically than unwanted noise. But if you live in Victoria, B.C., or any city for that matter, there is a good chance you will be dealing with commotion of one sort or another — whether it comes from neighbours or traffic or middle-of-the-night emergency vehicle sirens, or even the TV in the next room.

But there is good news: Finest Finish can make that noise disappear. As Victoria’s soundproofing specialists, we can transform your home into a calm, peaceful oasis, even if you are located in a noisy area, such as directly downtown.

Best of all, because we are also Victoria’s go-to drywall professionals, you can rest assured that the finished product will not only be effective at quieting sound, it will be beautiful as well!



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“Finest Finish was able to greatly reduce the sound transmission from our home gym to surrounding rooms. No longer do the rest of the family have to listen to the clanging of my husband’s weights!”

How does soundproofing work?

Soundproofing works by blocking sound transmission. This may seem obvious, but the concept often becomes conflated with sound absorption. So what is the difference?

Sound Absorption

Sound absorption will reduce echo and background noise in a space, which will improve the sound quality within that space. This is achieved with sound-absorbing materials such as foam or sponges, which absorb the sound waves, as opposed to reflecting them. A music room or gym are prime examples of where sound-absorbing materials are especially beneficial. Acoustic foams and panels won’t block sound transmission, but they will reduce it slightly and can work in conjunction with soundproofing.


Most people who contact Finest Finish are looking for soundproofing. They want to minimize the noise coming from outside their space. There are four basic ways to block sound from transmitting through walls, ceilings or floors. They are best used together for maximum effectiveness.

Decoupling: Sound travels through the rigid connections in walls, ceilings or floors. In the example of a wall, it travels from drywall to stud to drywall. Decoupling the framing within walls will break the pathway and the flow of the sound vibration. Decoupling is the foundation for all other soundproofing methods and is highly effective, depending on the specific system for decoupling. The most effective methods are double stud walls and staggered stud walls. Less effective but also less costly are soundproofing clips with hat channels and resilient channels. Neither of these last two should be used in walls that are used to hang heavy objects such as cabinets.

Absorption: As well as traveling through the rigid connections in a wall, the cavities within the wall can vibrate allowing some sound to travel through the wall. Insulation is used in conjunction with decoupling to absorb this vibration.

Added Mass: If a wall is very heavy, it is harder to vibrate. So adding mass such as 5/8″ drywall, plywood, OSB, and cement board will help reduce vibration. Unfortunately mass won’t stop lower frequencies such as the bass line of the neighbour’s pounding music.

Dampening: Green Glue™ and Sonopan™ are often the superior options, which will dampen the vibration in the drywall, reducing the workload of the methods mentioned above.

Soundproofing • Victoria, BC
Soundproofing Victoria BC
Soundproofing Victoria, BC

Most of the aforementioned methods are more easily accomplished at the construction phase of a building, though installation is certainly feasible in the renovation process. The most practical and effective solution we recommend to clients is the combination of resilient channel, Sonopan™ and 5/8″ drywall.

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If you dream of making your home a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life, give us a call. We are your soundproofing specialists and we can advise you with options to make your dream come true.

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Colin Wright
Colin Wright
March 22, 2023
I am a general contractor here in Victoria. I work with Finest Finish on a regular basis. They are simply the best I've used for drywall and painting, and I've worked with dozens of companies. They are organized, diligent, great communication, friendly and exceptional at what they do.
Julie Bertrand
Julie Bertrand
March 16, 2023
Dylan and Colten provided excellent and quality service. From the get go they were prompt and helpful in communications and had no issues working within my tight timeline. The work they completed is really well done and was completed faster than expected! I would definitely hire Dylan and Colten for any work in the future and would recommend them to anyone.
Anita S
Anita S
February 21, 2023
We're repeat customers of Finest Finish, after the team did a beautiful job of painting the interior of our home in 2021. This time, Dylan and Colten removed the popcorn ceiling throughout our townhouse, resulting in high quality, beautifully smooth and painted ceilings, with new pot lights installed by a recommended electrician. The Finest Finish team also removed some bulk heads above bedroom windows, and added new insulation which not only made the rooms look bigger, but made a significant difference in retaining heat in what used to be quite cold rooms. Everything they do is done at the highest quality and with great attention to detail. In addition to their work, we also appreciated the care they took of prepping, keeping us up to date throughout the process, and cleaning the space afterwards. We highly recommend their friendly and professional services.
A Morales
A Morales
February 4, 2023
Finest Finish created a board and batten accent wall for one of our rooms. They took the time to listen to our goals & were very knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. They took very good care of areas in our home where they were working. They arrived on time and we're very pleased with the final product.
D'Arcy Henneberry
D'Arcy Henneberry
January 12, 2023
Wow!!! Is the first word out of my mouth when I walked into my beautifully renovated home. Dylan and his team absolutely killed it. They were responsive to my request, very efficient, clean and they took immense pride in their work. Not only would I work with them again, I’m looking forward to the opportunity. Thank you Dylan and team for your hard work, attention to detail and diligence throughout this project. I very much appreciate each of you!
Bryan Gislason
Bryan Gislason
December 6, 2022
I recently had the pleasure of working with Dylan, Colton and their team on a home renovation project, and I was extremely impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail, and overall quality of work. The team arrived on time, and they quickly got to work preparing the surfaces for painting and drywall installation. They took great care to protect my new floors, and they made sure to clean up after themselves. The finished product was absolutely beautiful. The paint job was flawless, and the drywall was perfectly smooth and even. I was blown away by the attention to detail, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of painting, drywall, finishing, and would certainly trust them with any other renovation work. They are true professionals, and they take great pride in their work. I will definitely be using them again in the future.
dillon killarny
dillon killarny
December 2, 2022
This company has truly been the best I’ve experienced in Victoria. Honest, punctual. And quality work. I’d recommend Finest Finish to all my colleagues and friends. Owner Dylan is a straight shooter and very knowledgeable. These days we need more like this.
Maureen Minaker
Maureen Minaker
December 1, 2022
Dylan was very honest and and knowledgeable on choices of colors and ideas for our project. He took the time to listen to our ideas and provide input. His crew were considerate and professional. We had a good experience with Dylan and highly recommend him.
clayton ireland
clayton ireland
November 19, 2022
I hired this compony to redo my basment as well repair some walls on the top floor! EXCELENT job they did! Very professional company! I would definetly recomend them .
Japonica Berg
Japonica Berg
November 6, 2022
I am so grateful to Dylan and his team for doing such wonderful work on my bathroom renovation! Dylan and his team are the finest indeed. They did top notch work on my bathroom renovation and went above and beyond the work I had initially asked for. They were always willing to help with any problem that cropped up along the way. In addition, their prompt replies, prompt scheduling, and careful cleaning of the work site made everything so easy. Thank you, Dylan and team!