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If drywall is done right, you’ll hardly notice it. But if it is not done well, it is immediately apparent, highlighting underlying defects and downgrading the quality of the whole room. The most beautiful, expensive furnishings in a room with a botched drywall job will look cheap and shoddy.

Not only will the beauty and atmosphere of the entire room suffer, so will the value of your home. In fact, if you are selling your home, quality drywall and paint is a must to increase your home’s resale value, especially in the higher end markets.

Installing drywall properly is a highly skilled occupation requiring precision, good planning and years of experience. How do you choose a drywall company capable of producing a quality result along with excellent customer service?

What does quality mean?

First of all, it might be useful to know what exactly goes into a quality drywall job to guide your research into capable drywall companies in Victoria – or anywhere. The type of installation that imparts that pleasing atmosphere of high-class elegance is created through detailed workmanship, comprised of the following elements:

  • Tight joints
  • Properly recessed and filled screws (no sign of screws flashing or sinking)
  • Enough adhesive used (check by thumping your fist on the drywall over the studs – it should sound solid with no clattering against the studs)
  • Consistently spaced, smooth and flat taping? (no bubbles or bulges)
  • Surface properly sanded between coats giving an even, flat appearance
  • Outlets cut to the proper size
  • A minimal number of drywall boards used, diminishing the number of joints
  • The proper type and quality of drywall used for the purpose of the room

Keep in mind that the gypsum wallboard industry has set out a professional standard of drywall finishing covering 5 levels of quality appropriate for different purposes from 0 to 5. Level 4 is standard for the interior of home spaces and 5 is the highest level of quality, necessary when the lighting or final finish would highlight imperfections.

Now that you know the components of a quality drywall installation, follow these 3 tips to choose a Victoria drywall company that will be able to deliver a quality result.

Research the companies in your area

A good place to start is to ask your friends and family for recommendations of drywall contractors they have been happy with. Otherwise, or as well, do a search for drywall companies in your area and study their websites to get a sense of their work and their reputations. Specifically, look for:

  • Specialization: Since installing drywall requires a high level of expertise, it is best to look at companies who specialize in drywall — not general handymen.
  • Experience: A minimum of 5-7 years experience will ensure they have developed the skills necessary to do a quality job.
  • Social Validation: Look at testimonials , reviews and credentials on the website, social media, Google and the Better Business Bureau. Are there any themes around professionalism, punctuality, cleanliness?
  • Portfolio: What is your general impression of the work? Do you see projects that are similar to what you need?

Interview Prospective Companies

Once you have narrowed down your search to a few promising candidates, call the companies to find out more about them and how they might fit with your needs. Be prepared to ask about their credentials and their process as well as your specific drywalling demands. Communication is key to a successful working relationship and in the interview you will be able to assess if you can work with the contractor and you will be able to clarify expectations.

Specifically ask:

  • If they are licensed and bonded and can show proof
  • If they can provide referrals
  • If they have a dedicated crew or if they use subcontractors, in which case the quality may vary
  • Learn what their process is and the options for your project
  • The start date and estimated timeline for your project
  • What kind of warranties and guarantees they provide
  • What they expect you to do (any preparation)
  • If they clean up when it is finished – check testimonials for evidence
  • How payment works

Get a Detailed Written Estimate

A detailed written estimate from a drywall company is very important to clearly outline expectations so there are no unwanted surprises or misunderstandings.

Examples of points that should be included on your estimate are:

  • The scope of project and how unexpected out-of-scope difficulties are dealt with
  • Timeline, possibly broken up into phases and how delays are dealt with
  • Labour, material and other costs
  • Guarantees or warranties
  • Licensing and insurance
  • Payment information

Be sure to read your estimate carefully and before signing off on it, ask questions if you don’t understand something or you feel it isn’t complete or you don’t agree with any point.

And Finally…

Choosing the right drywalling company is so important, not only for a quality drywall result, but also because the workers will be in your home for a few days at least. You must be comfortable with their presence. Are they polite, clean and respectful? Pay attention to your gut instinct during the process of choosing a reputable drywall company. If something doesn’t feel right, go elsewhere.
For a free estimate on your next drywalling project, contact the team at Finest Finish. We’re a Victoria BC painting and drywall company with the highest standards. Check us out!


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