Increase Your Home’s Value With Professional Drywall Services

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An inherent benefit of being a homeowner is watching your home’s value appreciate. The natural ways property values increase is through increased home equity and market fluctuations. However, the best way to protect a home’s worth is with regular home maintenance. And, an excellent example of this is to show your home some love with professional drywall services.

We know drywall finishing isn’t the first thing most homeowners think of when asked how to increase their home’s value. However, drywall services should be viewed as more than a necessity for new construction, major renovations, or repairing serious wall damages. They’re also an affordable and easy option for retaining the beauty and value of your home.

Update Your Home with Drywall Services

Outdated designs and fixtures can lower a home’s potential selling price. Even if a house is kept in good condition and all maintenance tasks are in good standing, a home with an outdated interior is likely to sell for less than one that’s undergone updates.

Key upgrades a professional drywall company can be relied upon for include:drywall services

  • Popcorn ceiling removal
  • Replacement of textured walls
  • Repair old and damaged wall surfaces

Increase Privacy with Soundproof Walls

Privacy is paramount to being comfortable in your own home. If you’re constantly complaining about noisy family members or find you struggle to hear your device over others elsewhere in the house, consider adding soundproofing technology to your home.

Drywall professionals can help your family find harmony by soundproofing any area of your home where noise is a problem. Not only will this be a valuable feature the next homeowners will be sure to appreciate, but you’ll also find you’re more relaxed and comfortable in your own home.

Remove Signs of Water Damage with Drywall Repair Services

When viewing a potential property, certain indicators tell homebuyers the property may have serious and costly issues. If warning signs are suspected, most buyers will either walk away from that home or choose to pay much less. 

One of those indicators that sets off alarm bells to potential buyers is visible water damage in the ceiling or walls. While most water stains on a home’s walls or ceilings are benign, it’s an indication the home has not been well maintained by the current owners.

Repairing or replacing water-stained drywall is an easy way to avoid possible doubt buyers may have when viewing your home. Additionally, taking care of unsightly water stains with fresh drywall and paint will help you to better enjoy the look and feel of your personal space.

Repair Drywall Cracks Caused By Natural Settling Processes

Thin cracks in walls and nail pops are common sights in new and old homes constructed with drywall. Over time, natural environmental processes, such as ground settling and changes in moisture levels, will cause a home’s drywall to expand and contract. 

These minor expansions and contractions often create hairline cracks or round bumps to appear on wall surfaces. While these small imperfections are typically harmless to a home’s structure, they can detract from its appearance and appeal. Employing drywall professionals to repair these natural occurrences will help bring peace of mind to a homeowner and improve the interior finish.

benefits of drywall services

Erase Poor DIY Renovations with Professional Drywall Services

Home maintenance may be essential to maintaining the value and appearance of a home. However, if a home renovation is executed poorly, it can depreciate a home’s worth. Oftentimes, the only way to erase the damage a bad DIY can have on a property’s value is by having a professional come in and complete the task properly.

Poorly installed drywall is common in many DIY jobs such as garage conversions, basement finishing, or even bathroom remodelling. If a DIY drywall job in your home isn’t looking perfect and professional, call your local drywalling experts. They’ll be sure to help you find a solution and bring your home’s value back up again.

Rely on Local Tradespeople

For exceptional drywall services in the Victoria, BC area, rely on the professionals at Finest Finish. With years of experience in drywalling, painting, and finishing carpentry, we’re able to help you add value to your home. To get your free quote started, contact our team here.


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