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Need a basement remodelled, a plumbing and vanity upgrade in your bathroom, or simply some baseboard installed? Our carpenters take pride in their workmanship and will provide their expertise on how to best approach any project.

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At Finest Finish, we understand how intimidating a renovation can be for people. There are many variables and moving parts in making your remodel come to life. This is why we base our focus on client communication and upholding integrity in our business. Whether you’d like to modernize your look with new baseboards and window trim, have wainscotting added to accentuate an accent wall, or do a complete remodel of your home, we’re here for you. Our varied skills and years of professional service allow us to provide you with whichever carpentry services you need to get that perfect final touch, bringing everything together into a beautiful space you’ll love spending time in.

We work to build long-term relationships. We show this with respect for your space, time and investments. Our clients’ budget is always in mind, so we provide you with the best solutions to keep the process affordable. No job is complete until the clean up is; we promise to leave your home as cleanly and organized as we found it.

Finish Carpentry

Finish carpentry is all about detail, and this is where we shine. Nothing can make or break a room like the finishing touches, and precision is our specialty. We know how to tie everything together for the perfect end product. Why spoil perfection? We make sure that your flawless space stays that way. By hiding pesky nails, minimizing gaps, sealing joints and ensuring perfect alignment, our eye for detail will elevate your whole space. Done right from the outset, we work with the future in mind, minimizing future shifting and shrinkage.

Conscientious finishing is the icing on the cake, and the Finest Finish will take any project from “just okay” to “absolutely spectacular!”


Handyman Services

As with all things, houses age. Regular, preventative maintenance will spare you a major headache down the road. Finest Finish specializes in keeping you ahead of the curve. In our many years in the industry, we’ve conquered a legion of home repair problems. We’re always learning and improving, and when we encounter a new challenge we’ll use all our ingenuity and experience to find a solution. Regardless of what it is you need or how difficult it may be, we embrace challenges to deliver outstanding service to our clients.


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