Kitchen and Bath Inspo: Wainscoting Ideas That Add Depth and Charm

kitchen and bath wainscoting trends

Wainscoting is an enticing and versatile design element that no homeowner should overlook in 2021. Wainscoting, such as beadboard, raised panels, wall panelled, or others options, is a classic component anyone can use to create the aesthetic and style they crave. If a kitchen or a bathroom remodel is in your near future, now is a great time to explore the latest kitchen and bath design that incorporates wainscoting and wallboards. 

Our skilled tradesmen have seen several great designs recently that use wainscoting and creative trim. Today, we’re sharing our favourite ones to add new inspo for your next kitchen or bath project.

FarmHouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens are extremely popular and are great for bringing that relaxed and comforting atmosphere into a home’s traditional gathering space. An easy way to change the feel of a kitchen from cold and stark to warm and welcoming is by adding cozy wood elements, such as wainscoting.

Farmhouse Inspired Wainscoting Ideas:

Some ideas to add warmth with wainscoting to an already established kitchen design include:

  • Look to the ceiling. Create new interest in a kitchen ceiling by having shiplap boards, raised panels, or other decorative wood features professionally installed.
  • Beadboard Backsplash. Easy to install and affordable, a simple beadboard backsplash can quickly add charm and farm-style character to a modern kitchen.

Shiplap Accent Wall 

bathroom wainscoting ideaShiplap, a wood material historically used in constructing ships, barns, and outbuildings, is now a stunning interior design element. Shiplap is used on walls and ceilings and is favoured by top designers, including Chip and Joanna Gaines. The wood used for this effect is typically painted white, but recently, intense shades of green and blue have been seen in modern design scapes.

Shiplap adds comfort and charm. It’s ideal for upgrading a stark powder room into a cozy, lovely space. In large rooms, such as oversized kitchens, shiplap can be a way to add warmth and texture to create an inviting atmosphere.

Shiplap Accent Wall Tips

When incorporating shiplap in an accent wall design, consult with professional finishing carpenters. Shiplap is a beautiful style for enhancing the home but, only when installed properly. Improperly installed shiplap can be disastrous to walls and actually detract from the home’s appeal and value.

Kitchen Island Texture

Who doesn’t love gathering around the island in an oversized open-concept kitchen? Kitchen islands have transformed how we entertain guests and connect with family each day. However, one drawback of an island is finding ways to change its look as our interests and design styles evolve.

A solution to updating a tired, outdated kitchen island can simply add a new look and texture with an easy remodel. New trim, wood panels and fresh paint are cost-effective ways to breathe new life into a kitchen island. Additionally, the professional results may increase a home’s value.

Primary Ensuite Masterpiece

A home’s primary ensuite should be a luxurious space where homeowners can renew and recharge. Professionally installed wainscoting can create a high level of elegance to meet almost any aesthetic and increase the room’s sense of serenity.

Certain types of wainscoting are great to quickly and efficiently hide any wall imperfections that may exist. Examples of these include:

  • Beadboard
  • Board and Batten
  • Overlay wainscoting
  • Flat panel wainscoting

Easy Kitchen And Bath Renewal

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are high-cost projects that aren’t always feasible. However, changing the look and feel of a kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and expensive experience. Try refreshing the space with a new design element, such as wainscoting, and finish the look with a fresh coat of paint. 

If you’re in the Greater Victoria Area and want to know more about tackling a wainscoting project in your kitchen or bathroom, consult the professionals at Finest Finish.


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